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Groovy method overriding

One of the pieces of the project I am currently working on is using Grails and GORM for rapid deployment. In one of the GORM objects I wanted to override one of the methods that Groovy creates for a property … Continue reading

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Arc Collision

I’ve been working on an Android game for the past few months and at one point I needed to detect if a point (P) fell within the confines of an arc. I was surprised to find that Android’s API’s didn’t … Continue reading

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Map usage optimization

You know the situation. You have a data structure that is a Map and the key is a simple object and the value is some complex object (lets say an ArrayList). You can’t just get() the ArrayList and start using … Continue reading

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PGP Encryption/Decryption in Java

A new version of the code (and a new post) has been posted at : http://sloanseaman.com/wordpress/2012/05/13/revisited-pgp-encryptiondecryption-in-java/ Please note that if you are using Bouncy Castles libraries < 1.47 you should use the code in this post I have a requirement … Continue reading

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Tabs in a TextBox

Anyone who uses the web and happens to be programmer knows that at some point you are in a HTML TextBox and as your typing away you hit the tab to indent the line….. and you end up in the … Continue reading

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