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Do Not Track

If you have been paying attention to Tech News and the U.S. Government you may have heard about the ‘Do Not Track’ initiative that may become law. In a nutshell, the Do Not Track (DNT) initiative is a law that … Continue reading

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Ajax Interception

The Problem I recently had a problem where I needed to intercept any AJAX based calls from the browser to, well, anything. After a lot of Googling and digging through StackOverflow all I ever found were suggestions for event listeners … Continue reading

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TAR and GZIP Compression in Java

When you are generating a lot of output files as I do on some of my projects you at some point want to archive them so you end creating an archive directory and placing the files in there (usually with … Continue reading

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Revisited: PGP Encryption/Decryption in Java

One of the most popular posts on my blog is my article about PGP Encryption and Decryption. I’ve had a lot of great questions as well as responses from user who have even been kind enough to post modifications to … Continue reading

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Spring Custom Tags (Extensible XML) – Part 2

The DefinitionParser Ok, we’ve got it all set up, now we need to code the thing. Let me state, if you didn’t grasp this, that this is more of an advanced example. If you want a basic example take a … Continue reading

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