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City of Bridges

Bridges take us places over obstacles. They lead us from one place to another. They help us travel through life. Because of this, they should only be burnt when absolutely necessary. Most people know this and attempt to follow the … Continue reading

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I’ve done many projects where I needed some sort of locking architecture for my objects. Be it just determining if someone other than the current user should be able to operate on the object at a specific time or more … Continue reading

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“I like Noh theater and I like NoSql” “So you don’t like theater and you don’t like databases?” “No, I love Noh theater, and I love NoSql” “But you just said…..” — Noh Theater is a type of Japanese Musical … Continue reading

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RAID systems

Word to the wise. If you have a home RAID system like I do (4 SATA’s connected to an Adaptec 2810SA) you should physically label each drive when installing them. Why you ask? Well, if one of them starts to … Continue reading

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