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Spring Custom Tags (Extensible XML) – Part 1

***** WARNING – This is my Kill Bill post (was one post, was too long, is now two posts) ***** I’m surprised by how many people don’t use a nice little ability in Spring, the custom tag support (or as … Continue reading

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Dynamic Configuration of Hibernate Envers

The project I’m working on wanted to have audit tables for many of the tables in the system. Instead of writing our own plugins and creating the tables we decided to use Hibernate Envers. Hibernate Envers is a really nice … Continue reading

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Groovy method overriding

One of the pieces of the project I am currently working on is using Grails and GORM for rapid deployment. In one of the GORM objects I wanted to override one of the methods that Groovy creates for a property … Continue reading

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DB Technology Review (with pretty charts too!)

Recently I’ve been working on loading a set of data (51 gig) into a rather simple db for use with generating some data for later on down the application pipeline. Speed was very important as we only have a certain … Continue reading

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Map usage optimization

You know the situation. You have a data structure that is a Map and the key is a simple object and the value is some complex object (lets say an ArrayList). You can’t just get() the ArrayList and start using … Continue reading

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