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Setting on a Set()

Maybe this post should be called ‘Setting on a Sunset()’ but Oracle now owns Java, and ‘Setting on an OracleSet()’ sounds programmatically correct but it just doesn’t have the same ring (or the feel of a nice drink in your … Continue reading

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Spring, Quartz, and Persistence

Spring is great, Spring is fun, Spring is best when it’s one on one (props to George Michael). No, really, Spring is a great architecture. Its easily configured, highly flexible, and comes with a ton of already coded utils for … Continue reading

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Recursion is as Recursion does

Recursion. It’s one of those questions you see in most interview questions. Usually it’s in the context of something like ‘Calculate Fibonacci numbers’ or something along those lines with the intent of determining if you understand recursion. Its a great … Continue reading

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Websphere, Hibernate, JPA, with a twist of Classpath hell

Problem Recently I had to take a .war project that utilized Hibernate 3.5 and JPA 2.0 and deploy it in WebSphere 7.0. It has been quite a long time since I worked with WebSphere and was very happy to find … Continue reading

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I’ve done many projects where I needed some sort of locking architecture for my objects. Be it just determining if someone other than the current user should be able to operate on the object at a specific time or more … Continue reading

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