I’ve done many projects where I needed some sort of locking architecture for my objects. Be it just determining if someone other than the current user should be able to operate on the object at a specific time or more global, like making sure only one user can use a certain part of a system at a time.

I’ve also been interviewing for a job a lot since being laid off from my current position (from a great company BTW, sad to go) and the number one thing I get asked about is the locking architecture I wrote in my free time over a weekend and brought to the company.

So, I present to you, jLockit.

jLockit is a small architecture I wrote for object locking. I searched the internet for something like this and all I really could find was database row locking ideas or something along those lines. Nothing really addressed locking an object based on memory locks and in a way that could be distributed (thanks EhCache!). jLockit is my version of a system that will allow the easy locking of an object, global locks, and a framework for work flow based on lock status.

I hope to have the time to maybe implement a Java Annotation version that would make it more lightweight (and would be great for work flow) but who knows when that time will be (just a heads up).

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