RAID systems

Word to the wise. If you have a home RAID system like I do (4 SATA’s connected to an Adaptec 2810SA) you should physically label each drive when installing them. Why you ask?

Well, if one of them starts to fail (it’s why you got the RAID system isn’t it?) the card’s admin tools and start up diagnostics will say “DRIVE SDS2323 failed” or something of that ilk.

If you haven’t actually labeled the drives you end up doing a process of elimination to figure out which of the drives is actually failing.

Now, Maxtors actually play a nice tune when they fail. No, seriously, it plays a musical tune. But when you have four drives, side by side and still spinning, figuring out which one is playing the tune is futile.

So, label them before you turn them on and save yourself the headache later…

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